1. Make sure you experience a minimum of 5 nights.
  2. You have a lot of free time in this retreat. So you can experience calligraphy, tea ceremony and kimono. There are also many books that introduce Japanese culture, so you can also read. The neighboring town of Beppu is very famous for its hot springs. You can also go to a recommended hot spring with us.
  3. If you are lucky, you can also participate in temples and local special activities. For example, special rituals and meals at temples and local festivals. If you want to participate in this, please contact us.

DAILY SCHEDULE – Detailed Explanation(occasionally there may be minor changes to the schedule)

before 6:50 Prepare for meditation as needed. It is suggested that you go to the toilet, have some water or tea, and be prepared for meditation.We suggest that you avoid excessive caffeine and food before meditation.

6:50 Meet in the kitchen of the residence and proceed to temple for meditation. Please be on time.

7:00 Zen meditation at the temple.
40 minutes of Zen meditation usually followed by short teatime at the temple.

8:00 Breakfast
Typical monastery breakfast of rice porridge and umeboshi. 
Alternatives are available on request.

9:00 possible options include:– “Samu” – temple work (not every day)Light work or cleaning around the temple or garden.

– A variety activities or outings.

Anything is possible. Suggestions or requests are welcome.

– Free Time, alone or with other guests.

11:00 Prepare Lunch together – your help is appreciated

12:00 LUNCH and cleanup – your help is appreciated

13:00 Variable Activities / Free Time
A variety of activities are available. Feel free to make requests.These might include: 

– formal retreat activities such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, or kimono dressing. (donation suggested)

– off site activities with hosts such as onsen or hiking.

– self-directed activities on your own or with other guests.

18:00 Dinner Preparation – your help is appreciated

19:00 DINNER and clean up – your help is appreciated

21:00 Quiet Time

Low lights and quiet activities please. Others may be sleeping.You are welcome to make use of any shared areas of the house such as the kitchen, for reading or internet time.

If you want to know more or want to make an inquiry, please visit the following site.

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We look forward to joining you in our retreat.