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This retreat is homestay style.In addition, it is a retreat for those who want to experience "Zen meditation" and "Japanese culture" while living together.I recommend the participation of "people tired of urban life" and "people interested in Japanese life ". This retreat is in the countryside far from Big city and there is hot spring (tattoo OK) in the next town. The most popular part of this retreat is the meal we make. Make what you want to eat together. Vegetarians are also available.

Welcome to our retreat site.

This retreat is recommended for people who:

  • Those who want to experience Japanese culture deeply.
  • Those who want to eat delicious Japanese food. (This is the most popular).
  • Those who want to make Japanese food together.
  • Those who are traveling to Japan and have not yet decided their destination.
  • Those who are interested in calligraphy, tea ceremony, kimono.
  • Those who are interested in Zen meditation.
  • Those who want to go to a hot spring.
  • Those who are busy and have a lot of stress.
  • Those who want to take a break on a trip to Japan (Many people in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka).

The activities at this retreat are very relaxing.
In the morning, meditation and cleaning, or special activities at the temple.
In the afternoon, there is free time, and most guests will experience calligraphy, tea ceremony, hot springs and hiking.

Also, if you have the opportunity, you can participate in temple rituals.You are very lucky to participate in this.Because rituals are not always held.

We are each professional.
Yodo is a Zen monk, Great chef Keiko is a calligraphy master (35 years experience)
Michiko is a tea ceremony master (40 years experience),
Kazuko is a kimono master (40 years experience).
We also go to hot springs and nearby tourist facilities with our guests.

This retreat is homestay style.

During your stay, you will experience Zen meditation and Japanese culture with us.

Zen meditation is mainly for beginners and intermediates.I will explain the types and methods of Buddhist meditation.

The guests experience tea ceremony ,calligraphy and kimono as an option.

In addition, retreat participants go to hiking to nearby mountains, walking to the sea, hot spring (tattoo OK).

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We look forward to joining you in our retreat.